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What's New? This is where we update current "going ons" with Marcus and friends.  Got a love of blues? Got Blues News? Something you want to share? Questions? Let us know. 

Keep checkin' pages are being updated often.

Paladino's this Friday the 27th of Sept! 

AAHHHHHH Yes!!!  We are back in action. After a much needed break we are ready to hit it again. What better place to start then our home town? See you in the park Saturday, rumor has it you may hear a little classic rock mixed in...

Ahh yes...another great Coach House night! I think that place likes us as much as we like it. We are taking November to "catch up" on some things. Lots of stuff going on, from writing to babies! Looking forward to December and hittin the stage again.

So much new! Please check out our Facebook page for details. Make sure you add us and friend us, there are two pages! It has been a busy time with Mike down but not out!

Our friend Richard Bara stepped in for several shows, including The Crest, The Arcadia Blues Club, and The Coach House. Rich did a fantastic job and kept us moving forward and we cant thank him enough, a true brother in arms!
This is becoming one of our favorite places to play. A great vibe, awesome acts, the house staff and sound are top notch, and I don't think one can say enough about the audiences!
Seems like the room was tailor-made for Rich and Greg during Levee, add in the steel guitar and it really brought the house down! We have made a lot of new friends there and are really starting to feel at home.

Ron has hit on a new combos of "Goldie" or "Grannie"thru the Bogner...ya gotta hear it!

WOW! What a pleasure the Coco show was. 
Goldie is fitting in nice and becoming one of Ron's favorites, she is really starting to scream!  

 Last night at ABC was a blast, it was a pleasure to play with Bobby Blue House, what a great band. Thanks to all of you who made the trip. 

What's new!!!! Everything!!! Check the upcoming shows page, there is a lot of great ones coming up.

Did you see "Goldie" on the photos page? She's a wild one! Come and check her out at a show soon!

Good to be rollin' again! stocked to be playin' with one of my faves, the great Coco Montoya! That is going to be one hot night! Contact us for discount tickets! See our up coming shows page.

Welcome aboard Greg Mckay! Good to be rollin' again. Keep checking shows coming soon! 
Look for upcoming pics of "Goldie" Ron's new lady!
So much has happened since we updated!

 July shows were a blast!

Lots of shows in April!

The Deluxe got a makeover and it's @*&^$% screamin"

The Steel is standing on it's own 2 feet....actually 3! come and check out the new look!
Our New Web Site!
 We are up and running under the radar for the moment. We will do the official launch, until then enjoy the "sneak preview"
Video  Lots of Video to sort through...we are working on it and will post as soon as we can!

Steel Pit Blues Night !
 We just had a great show at the "Steel Pit" Tujunga's best sports bar and grill, right in our own back yard! Thanks to all who attended for making it such a fun night. Sorry for those who missed it, there were some great moments. The entire show was captured with 3 video cameras and we have footage being sent in from friends! If you have some footage or pics from the show on cell phone or camera please send it to  It will take awhile but we will be posting finished videos here as soon as we get them. Its been a few years since we have played the Steel Pit and it looks like we will be back. Eric has been working hard on the place and it is becoming very musician friendly with a great stage and sound system. Doesn't hurt that the wait staff is friendly, attentive and beautiful! Talking with Eric it looks like we will be back soon, and often!

 Oh No!  Ron has gone wireless! No telling when he may show up at your table and join the party! Just ask the anniversary couple  enjoying their meal at a "quiet" out of the way table in the back. .......Hello!   Put the ketchup down and hold on to your beer!

The fat lady is back!  Yeah, the Acoustic Upright Bass! (Double Bass) It was good to see Mike strokin' her strings again at the Pit. It seems to be an on-again off-again relationship with these two, but looked like true love when he was spinning her around on stage. They sure make good music together.

Excuse me while I whip out my Johnson!  Ron done got bit by that Dobro bug!  He recently added another Resonator to the collection. An old Johnson Tri Cone resonator.  Tuned to open E and played with a shot glass Lap Slide Guitar style, it brings that old school front porch vibe to any setting. Seeing Ron play with his Johnson is becoming a crowd favorite right out of the gates.

Monster Guitar! Shortly before a resent show, it was discovered Ron had a broken not that!    you know the piece of bone....ON THE GUITAR!   On his #1! ('86 Black Strat) You guys know what its like to try and perform with a broken nut?  Anywho, Shout out to Monster Guitar on Foothill Blvd Tujunga CA who did a excellent rush job. Both Ron and the Guitar performed just fine!

Steel Guitar = Steel Pit ? The Lap Steel seems to sound extra good at the Steel Pit....hmmm. The 1951 Fender Dual Pro Lap Steel Guitar, brings a great edge to the show on tunes like,
"When the Levee Breaks" and  "Motorcycle" a heavier  approach than the Dobro Lap Slide Guitar, or Resonator Guitar, Maybe that's where they got the name! 
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